My toughest critics

My toughest critics

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mac and Cheese...PLEASE!

Hands down a kid favorite and easy. The kids liked it so much they did not even notice that it was not the neon orange color of their beloved Kraft. This was easy and tasted so real and delish. It really is how mac and cheese should taste.

How the flavor turns out depends on your cheese. I used shredded cheddar (sharp) and some Asiago. You can use any variety but the strong flavors really make this dish.

1 pound macaroni noodles (uncooked)
4 cups of milk
2 eggs
5 cups of shredded cheese (mix and match whatever you like)
1t salt
1t pepper
1t dried mustard

spray the inside of the crock with cooking spray....spray it good.
wisk eggs and milk and spices together. Add cheese and noodles. Mix thoroughly. Add to crock. Cook on low for 1.5-2.5 hours until noodles are done. It will look a little soupish....let sit for 10 minutes until firm serve and SMILE.