My toughest critics

My toughest critics

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hot Buttered Rum

We had a Christmas party at our house last night and I served these with dessert. They seemed to be a hit. I had two mugs full and really enjoyed them! This recipe makes A LOT! If serving after dinner when people are pretty full, I may cut it in half.

Great for Holiday gatherings! My house smelled fantastic all afternoon.

Captain absolutely LOVED these!
3 cups brown sugar
2/3 cups of butter
1 pinch of salt
3 quarts HOT water
5 cinnamon sticks
8 whole cloves
3 cups Rum
whip cream

Combine the butter, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, salt and butter together in crock. Make sure water is hot before adding. Stir until butter completely melted. Cook on low for 5 hours stiring once in a while. Add Rum, cook on low aprox.15 minutes more. Ladle from crock into mugs and serve with whip cream and nutmeg.

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