My toughest critics

My toughest critics

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chili anyone?

My brother requested that I bring a batch of my chili when I come to his house on Tuesday. I made a huge batch so I could stick some in his freezer for his recovery period (he is having a procedure Wednesday). My brother and the captain both agree that "if it has is not chili" so my chili is bean free.

This is per pound of meat so be sure to increase it if you are making a bigger batch (I used 5 lbs in the picture)

1 lb of ground beef
1/4 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped onion
1.5 cans of minced green chilies
2 big cans (24 ounce) crushed tomato
1/2 big can of tomato sauce
1 package of McCormick's taco seasoning (or cumin, chili powder, garlic and Cheyenne if you want to mix up your own)
1 package shredded cheddar
1 package oyster crackers
1 container sour cream

Ground beef and sprinkle 1/2 taco seasoning on while cooking. Drain fat. Add beef, celery, tomato products, onion, chilies and rest of seasoning to crock. Cook on low for four hours.

Serve with sour cream, cheese and crackers. Yummo I always make a ton and use the leftovers for:
chili mac
chili dogs
chili baked potatoes
It is the gift that keeps giving!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of beans in my chili either. I prefer black beans if I put any in at all. My hubs and I like to cook a little macaroni and stir in it. Love chili - just goes great with fall and football :)